Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain Treatment Provided by a Bondi Junction, Australia Chiropractor

A chiropractor like one at Back to Life Chiropractic Centre, serving Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia and the surrounding area, treats more than just back pain. This particular holistic treatment works to ease other aches and pains throughout your body including shoulder pain. Shoulder pain is oftentimes caused by an injury, although certain chronic ailments cause pain in the shoulders also.

Shoulder Conditions We Treat

Instability is one shoulder injury our chiropractor treats. This cause of pain stems from the joints in the shoulder moving out of place. You'll notice the pain increases or only arises when you raise your arm. 

Our chiropractor also treats impingement syndrome, a condition caused by excessive rubbing of the shoulder blade onto the surrounding muscles. Typically, impingement syndrome comes from repetitive motions. Patients who have this condition usually have inflammation.

We also treat tendinitis, both swimmer's shoulder and pitcher's shoulder. Tendinitis causes the tendons in the shoulder to become irritated or inflamed. This condition will cause pain and tenderness in the injured joint. We help patients with post-surgical repair, a shoulder dislocation, tears or arthritis as well. 

The rotator cuff works frequently in much of what you do each day. Because the rotator cuff consists of muscles and tendons that help lift your arms up, these areas are susceptible to sprains, tears and strains.

Chiropractic Treatments We Utilize

The first step you'll undergo at our office is a physical examination, filling out information about your medical history and possibly x-rays. Based on your initial consultation, our chiropractor will create a treatment plan catered to your needs. It may consist of exercise therapy, Kinesio tape or soft tissue work. All the treatments our chiropractor uses are natural and geared toward helping you heal and getting to the root of the problem.

Another treatment our chiropractor might use is exercise therapy. This particular chiropractic treatment consists of exercises our chiropractor will guide you through. They're designed to increase flexion and help you regain function in your shoulder. Exercise therapy will stimulate blood flow to the area, which enhances the healing process. 

Our chiropractor may also perform hot and cold therapy, prescribe a sling or provide patient education to help with the healing process and prevent further damage.

Our chiropractor uses Kinesio tape on the shoulder in some cases. The tape is a flexible tape applied to your shoulder to provide it with support and stability without restricting your movement. Soft tissue work is another treatment our chiropractor uses for shoulder pain. It consists of our chiropractic specialist manually moving the shoulder joint to ensure a displacement isn't contributing to your pain.

Contact Back to Life Chiropractic Centre, serving Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia and the surrounding area, for an appointment to address your shoulder pain using natural remedies. We're available by calling 02-9369-5484.

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